Avocado Toast

sourdough bread
avocados, mashed
feta cheese
Fig Balsamic
hemp seeds

Toast the sourdough bread and spread with mashed avocado. Spring the feta on top of avocado and drizzle with Fig Balsamic. Sprinkle Hemp seeds on top. 

This versatile recipe can satisfy with a variety of oils or vinegars. Use your favourites and see what you like best! Additionally, try sprinkling sunflower seeds or chopped almonds.

Tested in our Eat Well Cooking Class. Danielle Wollmann from Nourishing Roots Nutrition says:

Benefits of Fermented/Sourdough Baking
- easier to digest
- makes nutrients more available by breaking down anti-nutrients (phytic acid) in the grains.
- helps to balance blood sugar

Avocado and Hemp Hearts
- avocado is a great source of healthy fats
- hemp hearts are a great source of healthy fats and protein

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