One-Try Turkey

You know, as owners of a gourmet food shop, we love to try new things, but the truth is we don't always get around to trying EVERYTHING. Our employees have used this rub many times, and our previous manager from our Winkler store uses this on her turkey, but this was OUR first attempt at home to use the No Fuss Turkey Rub. And it turned out amazing! 

We tried to stick very simple and let the rub do its thing, but we couldn't help mixing in some white wine for added moisture and taste. Truth is, it probably would've been fine without it, as the package claims!

But we went with ½ cup white wine with ½ cup Picholine EVOO. Picholine is a robust EVOO and we thought it would be a good choice because if the hint of pepperiness shines through, that will be nice. Another great option would be the Garlic Olive Oil.

After whisking the white wine and EVOO, we added the Turkey Rub. Again, we whisked. Then we rubbed the mixture all over the bird (and some inside).

End result: It was sooooo moist and juicy. Everyone was commenting on it. I even loved the WHITE meat (I don’t usually care for turkey at the best of times, and then only the dark meat).

My nephew said he never likes turkey because it is always dry. He commented how this was not dry and it was amazing! He kept talking about it. It was a success! So much so, he snapped the beautiful pic featured here. 

View the complete recipe here.

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