NEW Scratch & Sniff Recipe Section

April 1, 2019 - Prairie Oils & Vinegars is excited to announce their new Scratch & Sniff Recipe Section ready to launch today, April 1.

"The Scratch and Sniff technology is a real breakthrough for the gourmet foods industry and we are lucky to have been able to get in on the ground floor," says Bev Penner, owner of Prairie Oils & Vinegars.

“Using any touch screen-capable technology, you can simply touch, you don't even have to scratch, and a smell will emerge. Of course, we saw the potential for a gourmet foods business such as ours immediately," says Penner.

Now customers can enjoy a preview of what any of the 850 delicious recipes Prairie Oils & Vinegars has on their website will smell like before they even try to make it.

Smellware is currently awaiting patent. Scratch & Sniff is only a play on words - no phone or computer screens should actually be scratched while attempting to activate the Scratch & Sniff technology. Simply touch the recipe photo, lift your touch screen device to your nose and inhale deeply.

The Scratch & Sniff software, called Smellware, was developed after Prairie Oils & Vinegars began having problems when a new business moved into the same building. Prairie Oils opened in 2012 and when Old Church Bakery developed a space within the same building in 2016, the smell of baking bread quickly became a problem for the staff.

"Our staff was quite overcome at times," says Penner, "and we began to have problems wandering over to buy bread almost like it was beyond our control."

Two months after Old Church Bakery opened, Prairie Oils developed a Smell-o-Shield to protect their staff and customers from having to be inconvenienced by the smell. The Smell-o-Shield technology engages a forcefield around the Prairie Oils store space. But the technology of keeping smells out also led to a remarkable discovery of how to keep smells in or even emit them in a specific direction.

"Through reverse engineering the Smell-o-Shield technology, we stumbled upon a way to deploy a digital forcefield capable of emitting a small amount of smell in a controlled area,” says Penner.


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(The Smell-O-Shield forcefield around Prairie Oils & Vinegars was installed in 2017)

Special thank you to Old Church Bakery for letting us have fun with you again this year. We have the best-smelling neighbours. 

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