Mocktails. What are they? Ever had one?


Far more than "punch", mocktails are simply cocktails without the liquor. They use a variety of tasty ingredients to create a flavour fusion, providing a sophisticated beverage sans alcohol.

What a fun way to elevate your dinner party or backyard barbecue. Because there's no alcohol many people find them a lighter way to enjoy a beautiful and refreshing drink, without breaking the bank or imbibing the extra calories and affects that come with spirits.

Whether you imbibe or not, mocktails can be a treat for any social gathering or night in. And as trends in non-alcoholic beverage consumption continue to change, putting mocktails on the menu is a smart move for any bar or restaurant owner.

Making your own signature drink has never been easier. With a little creativity, you can make a mocktail that the entire party can safely enjoy - and remember for years to come. Include your own flavoured simple syrup and you'll have everyone asking for the recipe.

Simple syrup is 1 part sugar to 1 part water and is a staple in any beverage maker's repertoire. Check out the Basil Simple Syrup in the Strawberry Basil Soda created for our Customer Appreciation Days in 2015.

Family-friendly and easy enough that the whole neighbourhood can enjoy, mocktails have really become popular. A sophisticated and fashionable appearance is often JUST as important as the taste.

Here are the NEW hallmarks every contemporary mocktail should have:

  1. The perfect glass

 We feast with our eyes, so when presented in a fashionable cocktail glass that complements the drink, the mocktail is just THAT much more fun. Pull out your fancy stemware, highball glass or mason jar and even the simplest shrub will taste amazing because of the fancy vessel.      


  1. Garnish or rim trimmers

Spare no 'expense' for your mocktails. Give them the same treatment as other fancy beverages! Trim those pineapple or citrus wedges and rim your glass with a hint of salty or sweet confection.

Like this Paradise Punch, which uses all three: pineapple, lime AND the Saltwest Naturals Toasted Coconut Sea Salt. Wow!

  1. Unique blends and contemporary flavours

Bitters, teas, salt, varying temperature, and tartness are all modern ways of upgrading your mocktail technique. And vinegar is a way to play with sweetness, tartness, astringency, and a hint of fermentation - all without adding liquor.

Try the following Balsamic Vinegars for the most interesting mocktails:

We could go on. And we always have more ideas if you need them! Just c'mon in and ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff.
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