Easy Entertaining Tips

Whether you've decorated to the nines, meal-planned your heart out, shopped til you dropped - chances are you will end up in the kitchen or around a dining room table sometime over the holiday season. Here are a few entertaining tips to help you remember the Reason for the Season. And also to help you keep your eye on the prize, which is to authentically enjoy this time with family and friends... and FOOD!

1. You don't need to make every single thing yourself. What a good reminder! Pick up a few pre-packaged condiments and spreads, some crackers or breads - and of course oils and vinegars! - and you have just as delicious a snack as if you had slaved over homemade appies.

2. Attention to detail. It's the little things on the table that make it fun. This means the table settings and centerpiece, sure, but also the little pots of condiments. ;)

3. No fuss = more fun. A traditional sit down meal with many courses has its place, but a lot of the enjoyment we get from friends and family can be had when we let down our guard. A casual, hands-on bread-dipping buffet can really set an atmosphere. It just helps set the tone for more relaxed interaction and the chance to more authentically enjoy each other.

Check us out for flavourful additions to your baking and cooking this holiday season! In keeping with our theme this Christmas (all things charcuterie!), the key to a lot of this type of entertaining is to have some wonderful charcuterie items on-hand. From olives to mustards, to jams and jellies, we've got your delicious details here.

Also, adding some oils and vinegars to everything from your turkey to your brownies and pies is an easy way to amp up your flavour game this Chrsitmas. We have flavoured sea salts, dessert sauces and more to make your entertaining spectacular. Need some help? We are here for you and don't forget to check out our HUGE recipe section on-line. Don't go on-line? We have some wonderful cookbooks in the store to change up your menu.

Have a Merry Easy Christmas!

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