Around the World with Prairie Oils

Did you get your vacation this winter? Where did you go?

If you are--or would like to be--a world traveller, where would you LIKE to go someday?Would you like to go to Italy? To California? To Spain? To British Columbia?

We can take you there, right in the comfort of our little store. Educational and enjoyable, there is nothing quite like sampling different foods and condiments from around the world. Different cultures and climates produce a diverse range of products that we at Prairie Oils simply can't resist. We are always on the hunt for the unique, the flavourful, and the smile that comes from enjoying that "perfect" taste. 

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils always come from all over the world according to the growing seasons. Our Northern Hemisphere selection currently features Extra Virgin Olive Oils predominantly from California and Spain. Try them for their beautiful flavours and extraordinary health benefits.

Then try our Balsamic Vinegars certified from Modena, Italy, our sea salts from British Columbia, olives from Italy, seasonings, and more.

With our Cooking Classes, we often enjoy exploring different parts of the world by featuring different cuisines. And this year has been no different, with our Italian or Greek Cooking Classes which both featured recipes from our unique Italy Cookbook and Greece Cookbook. And now, in Winkler, we have announced a new class on May 14 showcasing Thai style cooking. Sign up today!

Our store is not just a store - it's an extraordinary around the world experience!


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