Provisions Cocktail Jams

Provisions Cocktail Jams

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Provisions Food Company values care and craftsmanship, meticulously considering every detail in every package, knowing that good food helps add to those lasting moments, surrounded by family and friends. Their products provide customers with the confidence to entertain their guests with a unique and well-represented experience. Love is in the details! They are based in Niagara, Canada and woman-owned and led by Lori McDonald!

Their selection of "cocktail jams" are flavoured with real spirits to add a rich and satisfying complexity to these delicious jams. They present beautifully on a charcuterie board and create a fun and memorable experience! Choose from:

Cherry Merlot Wine Jam - The sour cherries and Merlot wine in this luxurious jam will take your cheese and charcuterie board to new flavour heights. Pair with aged, hard cheeses. Serve with your favourite Merlot wine.

Caesar Tomato Jam - This delicious, savoury jam was inspired by Canada's favourite cocktail. Add it to your next charcuterie board!

Peach Prosecco Sparkling Jam - Inspired by the Bellini cocktail, this jam combines sweet peaches with the fun fizz of Prosecco. Serve with creamy cheeses. 

Spiced Apple Whisky JellyIndulge in the flavours of warm spices and whisky, a perfect accompaniment to firm, rich cheeses, especially an aged cheddar.

Pear Riesling Wine Jam One of our most popular products! Local pears are picked at their peak, then poached in Riesling wine to create this aromatic and luscious jam. Pair with fine, creamy cheeses and ripened blue cheeses. Serve with a glass of crisp, dry Riesling wine.