Frozen & Refrigerated Foods


Starting Sept. 4!
Ready to warm up with soup? Or are you still clinging to those summer vibes and want to get in one last BBQ before fall? We are celebrating the changing of the season by discounting a hearty soup, refreshing popsicles, and some BBQ essentials! While supplies last!
  • Unger Meats – 20% OFF burger patties, smokies, and Jalapeno Farmer Sausage Patties
  • PopCart Ice Pops – Buy 2 get one 1 FREE (individual pops); Boxes 15% OFF
  • Von Slicks Butter – Buy 1 get 1 50% OFF (individual tubes)
  • Bones & Marrow Broth Mexican Holy Pozole soup - ONLY $10 (reg. $14.99)


Our Frozen & Refrigerated Foods section showcases made-in-Manitoba foods - now available at Prairie Oils & Vinegars! Watch for NEW items udpated regularly (flavours may not be reflective of total inventory).

All items available in-store only! See you soon!

Happy Dance Hummus - $8.00

Based out of Winnipeg, Happy Dance Hummus is all about making food so tasty, it makes you dance. Each tub of Happy Dance Hummus is packed with so much flavour, it's practically bursting out of the packaging. They only use the freshest, most delicious ingredients in their recipes – they can convert even the pickiest of eaters into hummus-lovers!

Curry Masala - Made with a rich curry and garam masala blend. This one makes you dance…and sing too! 250g

Creamy Dill - Their most popular flavour by far - tangy, bright and addictive, with loads of fresh dill - this one goes with everything. 250g

Garlic Jalapeno - Nothing bland here, but don’t let the mild jalapenos scare you off! This is a kid-friendly fave. 250g

Coconut Thai - The perfect blend of sweet and heat! 250g


Unger Meats - assorted prices

Homestead farming just south of Mitchell where five generations of Ungers have produced the food their families and communities were raised on. We LOVE this product. Come and check out our selection of their farmer sausage, bacon, smokies, burger patties. 


Von Slick's Finishing Butter - $9.95

Locally made in Southern Manitoba! Von Slick's offers numerous types of finishing butter that have the ability to put your dishes over the top for your family and friends. From sweet to savoury, there is a flavour for every occasion. Don't take our word for it, try some butter today!


Bones & Marrow Broth - $14

The nutritional and medicinal properties of bone broth have long been recognized in traditional diets. The process of roasting and simmering bones in water for an extended period of time extracts a plethora of micronutrients, amino acids, and minerals resulting in a nutrient-rich broth good for the whole body. 

Bones & Marrow puts a fun and creative twist on a traditional product. At the base of all their products is a nourishing slow-simmered broth that is perfect for cooking and tasty enough to sip on its own! 


Pop Cart Popsicles - $4

Pop Cart specializes in handmade ice pops, made with care, quality and creativity. Each pop is made with top notch ingredients, kept simple, typically including real fruit, cane sugar, coconut milk, vanilla, fresh herbs and spices. Come in and see our selection of their new and exciting flaves!


Chaeban Ice Cream - $9.50

This super-premium, made-from-scratch ice cream is made with real cream (except dairy-free ones), real fruit, real ingredients - made locally in Winnipeg! Available in fun flavours like Salty Carl, Anna Bananutella, Rocky Ricardo, Prairie Barry, Donna Cannoli, and Glen Coconut (dairy free).

Chaeban also reuses their glass jars so you can wash them, bring them back to us and get $1.00 off your next jar - because we know after you try one flavour you are going to want to try them all.