Customer Reviews

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Increased Love for Cooking

This place is life changing. I will never buy supermarket olives or olive oil again. I love cooking and my love for cooking has increased because of this place. - Jeff Hoeppner 

"Not Much of a Cook" is Back in the Kitchen

I had a wonderful evening at the grilling class. I was amazed at the variety of dishes you offered and just how delicious everything was. What an enjoyable evening. Thanks to you and your great staff for taking such good care of the group. I am not much of a cook but I must say after discovering your shop I am back in the kitchen and looking forward to trying your website recipes. Used my Wild Mushroom & Sage Olive Oil and Fig Balsamic last night on pork on the barbecue and cannot wait to try out again the recipes from the handouts you gave us. Will definitely be coming back for more. - Wendy Oliver

Felt Like I Was in Europe

Manitoba places you MUST go to: Prairie Oils & Vinegars in Steinbach. One of the coolest experiences I've had in a long time. Felt like I was in Europe or somewhere else exotic. I've truthfully never drunk olive oil or balsamic vinegar straight up before, but I will be back to sip it again. And then again. And then buy a bottle or two to sip at home... Mmm, just thinking about that Dark Chocolate Balsamic is making my mouth water. - Krista Dela Rosa, Winnipeg, MB

EVOO Works for Baking Buns

My buns turned out so much nicer after switching to Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Prairie Oils & Vinegars. I noticed the consistency of the dough was better and it was great to work with. The density of the buns was nicer and they are healthier. I also love my Tuscan Herbs Olive Oil – I fry potatoes in it for amazing flavour! - Tina Dueck, Woodridge, MB

Prairie Oils EVOO is Better Than Grocery Store

I love to cook and quality ingredients are very important to me. I assumed the EVOO at the grocery store was a good product, but since I tried EVOO from Prairie Oils & Vinegars, I can't imagine using anything else. It smells clean and tastes fresh and smooth. When I'm making bread or pizza, I can literally feel the difference when I'm working with my dough. While the bread is rising, I brush the tops with additional olive oil which gives it a nice crispy crust, with a light, fluffy center. – Becky Reimer, Winkler, MB

Loved the Tasting Experience

I loved the experience of going and tasting all the different oils. I learned so much about the oils and vinegars. I am excited to go back and get more. - Joel Johnson, Steinbach, MB

Kids Love Oil and Vinegar

I just had to tell you that the whole family LOVED the oil and vinegar I purchased from your store today. I gave the kids the bread with some butter on it because I did not want to "waste" the good stuff on them. Well, they ended up eating more of the bread dipped in the oil and vinegar than my husband and I. My four year old even asked if she could drink the last little bit of balsamic vinegar out of the bottom of the bowl - lol. I will definitely be trying all sorts of other varieties in the future. - Naomi Kornelson

Just... Yum!

Loved my experience at your store last Friday and am really enjoying my purchases!! Picked up pork tenderloin from Earl's Meat Market, Tuscan Herbs Olive Oil and Oregano White Balsamic from Prairie oils & Vinegars, then crusty French bread from Main Bread & Butter, and red wine from the local liquor store. Supper was pork souvlaki, Greek salad, bread for dipping and a glass of red wine. Yummmmmm. - Cynthia Penner, Steinbach, MB