Refill Policy & Other Tips

At Prairie Oils & Vinegars, we recognize our product is sold in dark glass bottles, and while this material is better for both our product and the environment than plastic, our customers may ask the conscientious question, "What do I do with my used glass bottles?" 

You can certainly just give your bottles a rinse and place them in whatever recycling program you have that accepts glass. We do not have the means to receive old bottles at our store.

However, if you would like to reuse your bottles by bringing them in to refill, you will receive a small discount.

washing olive oil bottlesRefill Discount = $0.50
Refill Discount on Tuesdays = $1.00

Bottles brought in for refilling MUST be:

  • originally purchased from Prairie Oils & Vinegars
  • size 200mL and up
  • washed and completely dried
All bottles brought in for refilling will be visually inspected by Prairie Oils & Vinegars staff to ensure cleanliness, which is in accordance with our health inspector's regulations. Due to health regulations, we cannot refill a bottle that has residue or is still wet, so as to ensure the integrity of the product. Any bottle that still contains moisture or residue will be ineligible for refilling. 

    Washing Tips

    Wash bottles in hot soapy water. Let oily bottles soak if needed (Dawn dish soap works well). Rinse well with hot water. Or try the bottom rack of your dishwasher! Air dry until completely dry. Throw away your cork and do not cover the bottle opening completely. We will always supply you with a new cork. If you like, cover the bottle opening with loose plastic wrap or stuff with a dry paper towel that sticks out the top.

    Storing Your Oils & Vinegars

    Oils and vinegars do not need to be refrigerated. In fact, if you refrigerate EVOO, it will likely solidify making it difficult to pour.

    The best place to store EVOOs and Balsamic Vinegars is on your counter top, in plain site, and in reach of your cooktop so you can access them easily while cooking. In your pantry or in a cupboard is also acceptable.

    It can also be beneficial to keep these products away from direct sunlight, although we do supply them in the larger sizes in dark glass bottles, which helps to prevent any degradation from sunlight.

    Contrary to a popular myth, refrigerating your EVOO to see if it will solidify is not an accurate way to test if it is authentically EVOO, high quality and not cut with other oils. Most fats solidify when they get cold enough. The only true way to see if your EVOO is of the highest quality is to purchase from a gourmet foods shop where they can provide the country of origin, crush date, and chemical and taste analysis. 

    Transporting Your Oil & Vinegar

    oil bottle in the sunWhen transporting your oils and vinegars, keep the bottles upright, as this is a prudent position for any bottled liquids.

    Also, in the heat of summer or depth of winter, please keep in mind that changes in temperature can affect bottled liquids. In summer, the air inside bottles with liquid can expand, creating pressure and pushing the lids up and out. In winter, liquid expands and can create bottle damage if it is allowed to solidify completely.

    So please bring your oils and vinegars in to a temperature controlled environment as soon as possible after purchasing.

    If you are travelling long distances or flying, please let our staff know and we will provide an aluminum foil waxed seal over the top of our bottles to prevent leaks.