375mL Barrel Aged Apple Cider Vinegar

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*PRE-PACKAGED in 375mL bottles to preserve freshness. 

Our Barrel Aged Apple Cider Vinegar with ‘Mother’ is made from 100% Annurca apples, harvested in the south of Italy. They make a well-rounded, slightly sweet apple cider vinegar that adds great complexity with fruity and floral nuances. Because the beneficial bacteria that develop during the fermentation process are still in the vinegar, the health benefits of this vinegar are seemingly endless!

It is certified as authentic of the highest quality and has Protected Geographical Indication status within the European Union under the label “PGI Melannurca”. Our staff is so happy that our supplier brought in an Apple Cider Vinegar of outstanding quality - and TASTE! We are very happy with it!

This beautiful vinegar is considered *a “drinking” vinegar! Add this healthful vinegar to your water to drink its many benefits!

Oil Pairings:

All oils


  • consume raw by drizzling into water or using in any kinds of salad dressing
  • add to homemade ketchup, bbq sauces or baked beans
  • try this when pickling