Opies Pickles

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Opies has its origins as a UK company serving Sittingbourne, Kent. Colloquially known as the "pickle people", they have proudly developed their classic creations of pickles, condiments and preserves since 1929. Known for being a low-calorie and satisfying snack, pickles are a crowd-pleaser on many charcuterie boards.

We've selected to bring in their family recipe of the following:

Cocktail Gherkins - Grown on the vine and hand picked, these delicious, crunchy and tangy gherkins are perfect for snacking, as an accompaniment or as an ingredient. Bursting with freshness and that satisfying crisp crunch, enjoy these baby-size pickles as a snack or tasty garnish on sandwiches, in salads, beside your soups, crackers, cheeses, and more!

Cornichons & Onions - Tiny, crunchy, sweet cocktail onions and crispy cornichons in a handy, easy-to-serve jar. A tangy accompaniment for when you are dining al fresco, or want a quick nibble straight from the jar. Perfect with pates, pies, cheeses, cold meats, or just on their own for when you fancy a piquant nibble.