Jesse Tree Olives

Jesse Tree Olives

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Jesse Tree Olives are packed in nearly half the amount of salt than regular olives. The natural taste of the olives - meaty, slightly bitter, and sweet - shines through without being overly salty.

Nocellara - A small and mild olive with a sweet flavour. Paired with a classic martini, this little olive is beautiful! When heated, these olives are said to showcase their best flavour, so throw these olives in with your pot roast for an Italian slow cooked beef.

Kalamata - A delicious olive from Kalamata, Greece, naturally cured in sea salt and water to preserve their crispness and retain nutrients. These are the obvious choice for Greek salad. Dark and delicious!

Gaeta - Gaeta olives are soft and tender with a tart, citrusy taste. These olives are darker because they are left to ripen on the tree longer than other varieties. These little black beauties are versatile for any dish, and just plain delicious served out of the bowl for snacking!

Bella di Cerignola -  Onene of the largest and prettiest olives in the world, they are crisp and fantastically buttery. Their hefty size renders them easily stuffable—they pair especially well with garlic, cheese, capers, and anchovies.

Garlic Stuffed Olives - Large green olives are picked before fully ripe and then cured in a a mildly salty brine. Both olives and garlic are rich in healthy fats and low in carbs - plus they're high in antioxidants, which help protect your body’s cells from damage. Annnnnd oh so tasty. 

Almond Stuffed Olives - Spanish Gordal olives are the "queen of olives". Here, they are hand stuffed with Spanish almonds. The delightful crunchy middle makes it an easy option for charcuterie platters, lunchtime, or snacks. Serve alongside rich cheeses and meats, jams and breads. Amazing!