Raspberry Fruit Leather

5 c. applesauce, divided
1/4 c. Raspberry Balsamic

For this recipe, you will need two large baking sheets lined with silicone mats to prevent the apple mixture from sticking. You can use parchment paper, but the silicone mats are even easier. Pour applesauce into large bowl and stir in Raspberry Balsamic to combine. Pour half of mixture into each baking sheet and smooth it evenly as best you can. Depending on the size of your baking sheet and preferred thickness of your fruit leather, hold back some mixture or add some more applesauce to achieve desired thickness. Bake at 170F for 6-8 hours. Mixture should be fully set, not wet anywhere, and outer edges slightly hardened. Remove from oven. Allow to cool slightly. While still slightly warm, transfer fruit to parchment paper. As the mixture cools, if it becomes too brittle, just apply a scant amount of warm water with your fingertips to re-hydrate and soften it again slightly. Use sharp kitchen scissors or a pizza cutter to cut fruit into 2-inch strips.

Note: Try any flavor of Balsamic you want to have fun with this healthy snack!

Submitted by: Sara Dacombe

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