Lemon Plank Fish

fresh fish

Dill Olive Oil
Salt Cellar Lemon Dill Spice Blend
2 or 3 lemons

Rub oil on both sides of fish, then season both sides. Heat grill on high and line an area with lemon slices. Place fish on top of lemon slices and bbq on high until the fish flakes easily and serve.

Add a side dish of rice or your favourite side and you’re done.

Note: The lemon slices act as a "plank" forming a non-stick layer. The lemon slices cook as the fish cooks, infusing flavour and moisture into the fish. The lemon "plank" comes off of the grill easily and the fish comes off of the lemon easily - it is a "non stick" surface.

Plus, use the cooked lemons to scrub your grill after your fish is done. No BBQ bristles getting stuck on your grill grates! The acidic lemon removes build up and smells great.

Tested by Virginia, manager at Prairie Oils & Vinegars.

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