Christmas Salad

1 bag mixed greens
pomegranate seeds
mandarin orange segments
almonds, slivered
Blood Orange Olive Oil
Cinnamon Pear Balsamic

Toss slivered almonds in enough Blood Orange Olive Oil just to coat. Toast in the oven at 325F until light brown, approximately 4-8 minutes, checking frequently. Allow to cool.

Combine with all other remaining ingredients or plate individual salads. Drizzle your salad bowl or individual plate with approximately equal parts of Blood Orange Olive Oil and Cinnamon Pear Balsamic to taste.

*Prep tips for cutting a pomegranate: Cut off top and bottom. Cut away outer peel to reveal seed segments. Under a running faucet, shake seeds or gently pry away from pith and let them fall into a colander. Or try separating seeds while holding pomegranate underwater in a sink or large bowl. Then scoop out seeds using a colander. Drain and pat with paper towel until mostly dry.

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