Winkler Update: Cooking Adventures

365 new days, 365 new chances and opportunities to try a new recipe with your oils and vinegars!

I just love the beginning of the year. A total fresh start, with new goals and dreams. As I wrote down some of my goals for 2018, I found myself jotting down “be more adventurous with my cooking."

I think its time to put my go-to meal, Tuscan chicken, aside for a while, and try some recipes from our new Greece Cookbook! Maybe it's time to try making pastitsio? Or stop purchasing my hummus and try making it with our Garlic Olive Oil! And let’s face it, dessert is ALWAYS a good idea, so I will also have to try the Lemon yogurt soufflé (sounds amazing, right?!)

Soon we will be having our Greek Cooking Class (Feb. 12 in Winkler) where some adventurous Greek recipes will be demo'd by Chef Johnathon. Join me next month for this fun class to get some new ideas for your meal planning!

Whatever is on your 2018 goals & dreams list, I hope you are able to accomplish them! I also encourage you to grab some oils or vinegars from the back of your cupboard... you know, the ones that you’ve been putting away because you can’t figure out what to do with it. :) Remember to use our beautiful oils up before they are a year past your purchase date (that's they're freshness window when they taste the best!).

Go ahead and visit the homepage on our website and type the flavour into our website search bar and try a new recipe today!

Join me in starting this new year with some new go-to recipes, and dream on, oil and vinegar lovers!

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