June Feature: Summer Skin EVOO Tips

Using EVOO not just for cooking is not something new. But how do YOU use your EVOO in your beauty regime?

Staff tested and approved, many of these tips can be used not just with our pure Super Premium EVOOs, but with a beautifully 'scented' Infused Olive Oil. Try Blood Orange or Persian Lime Olive Oils to add a beautiful aroma to your skin after these treatments. Also, the Mint Olive Oil is invigorating.

Moisturized skin is healthy skin! Have fun trying these out!

  • Manicure prep. Soak cuticles in EVOO for a healthy nail bed.
  • Soothe cracked heels by rubbing in EVOO before bed.
  • Clean off face paints (and summer make up and sunscreen) safely and easily using a cotton swab and EVOO.
  • Shave legs after applying a light layer of EVOO.
  • Rejuvenate heat-damaged hair. Massage with a small amount of EVOO, wrap in a hot towel. Leave in for an hour or so before washing as usual.
  • Soothe sunburn, heat rash, insect bites - any minor skin irritants - with EVOO. Apply a light layer and leave uncovered. Helps with itch and really speeds up healing!
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