Do You Fondue?

"The idea of fondue likely calls to mind the style that originated during the 1800s in the Swiss Alps as a way to use hardened cheese and stale bread during the winter months. Deriving from the French verb fondre, meaning 'to melt,' fondue was a classic peasant dish made fashionable." (

 The Spruce Eats website gives a brief history of fondue here.

You can go all out for fondue, with premium ingredients, but we also love the idea of using modest ingredients that would commonly be in your fridge and pantry already. You don't have to have the finest cheeses or meats; you can enjoy fondue with whatever you've got on hand. You don't even have to have a fancy fondue pot, really, as long as you have a saucepan that can be left on low heat to keep the cheese warm. 

Alternatively to cheese, you can try a sweet and rich treat: chocolate! We recommend investing in a quality, fair trade chocolate to enjoy your treat to the full. Select a dark chocolate, along with a wide variety of fruits and this dessert is guilt-free!

You can also use an olive oil for a cooking fondue. The Super Premium EVOO's we stock are ideal. The quality and freshness of our EVOOs or Infused Olive Oils ensure you can bring your oil up to cooking temperature for a prolonged time without risking carcinogens forming. Our olive oils also do not emit an unappealing odour when frying - they smell fresh! - and whatever odour is created from frying dissipates quickly so your home does not smell like frying oil (you know what I'm talking about!).

Try any EVOO, or how about the Garlic or Tuscan Herb Olive Oil? You can even try something like Dill Olive Oil with mini perogies, or Lime Olive Oil with shrimp? Let your imagination take over and you will have some fun! Just what is needed at this stage in a long Manitoba winter!


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