Jim's Coconut Rice Pudding

2 c. short grain rice
3 tins coconut milk
pinch of sea salt
2 c. whole milk (or to desired consistency)
sugar to sweeten, if desired


Put rice and coconut milk in pot and bring to boil on med/high heat stirring constantly. This takes about 45 minutes. Add vanilla, pinch of sea salt, and enough whole milk to desired consistency and thoroughly mixed. Sweeten with white sugar or organic coconut sugar. Drizzle with your favorite Balsamic Vinegar!

Cook's Notes:
A short grain rice, like arborio, creates a wonderful consistency as it soaks up the rich liquids beautifully. But we've also had success with Rooster brand long-grain jasmine rice. Rooster brand coconut milk is also the one we tried as it is not as watery as some other brands.

The beauty of this rich coconut rice pudding isn't just the creaminess of the pudding; it's in the unexpected, decadent drizzle of sweet-yet-tart balsamic. We tried it with Maple Balsamic, with Maple Roasted Pumpkin Seeds and it was a hit! Try it topped with nuts, raisins, toasted coconut, or even a dollop of ice-cream. Can be served hot or cold.

*Served at Customer Appreciation Days

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