The Wonderful World of Steaks

A properly seasoned and grilled steak is a true highlight of the culinary experience in Manitoba. If you've had the good fortune of a great steak, the memory of it will often keep you in cravings, demanding satisfaction. A light crisp crust, juicy and smokey, the steak is a celebration or feast - but often easy enough to throw into a weeknight rotation. 

It can also be just as easy to make a misstep in your seasoning or when choosing your cut of steaks, resulting in a poor texture and a waste of amazing spices or sauces. Here is a list to make it easier for you!

1. Rib Eye Steak

Perhaps the finest of all steaks. This cut offers luscious, tender texture and the sharp beef-y flavour you crave in a classic steak. Ideal for grilling, you want to sear both sides, with a cook time that brings it in at medium-rare - or to desired doneness - without flipping back and forth.

Ask for this cut at your local butcher or meat shop and you won't be disappointed. Or if you are at a grocery store and see something called rib steak, go ahead and purchase it; the cut is essentially the same.

You can definitely marinade this cut or use a simple BBQ rub. Start with Robust EVOO or a flavoured olive oil like Garlic, Cold Smoked, or even Lime, and then rub with any selection from our Rubs, Salts & Spices for great results.

2. Flank or Skirt Steaks

These economical cuts are both flavourful, but often are a little tough. They are often characterized by their leanness (very little marbling), and noticeable strands of sinew running in one direction. Even a marinade, which successfully adds flavour to these cuts, often does little to soften the meat. Here's what you do: marinade for longer (overnight at minimum or even 2-3 days in the fridge), then grill on higher heat and keep to medium rare doneness to avoid the meat becoming more dense.

When cooked, tent under foil and let the meat rest before slicing AGAINST the grain of the meat. If you do that, you'll get a bite where the tendons are easier, even very delightful, to bite through and chew. These cuts shine in tacos or stir fry's where the meat is cut thinly after cooking. So yummy! Don't be afraid to pick up these cuts. Just treat them right!

We recommend the Chipotle Olive Oil and Espresso Balsamic for a marinade. It is oh-so-simple, yet pumps in so much flavour! The flavours go with classic BBQ and potatoes, beef tacos or "Philly cheese steak" sandwich - endless options!

3. New York Strip or Sirloin Steaks

New York strip can also be called Kansas City strip, strip loin, or top loin steak. It is often compared to the flavour and tenderness of the rib eye, but is more highly variable in texture so you will need to treat it more like a sirloin to guarantee stellar results every time.

For that reason, we've grouped it with the sirloin, which people often equate with quality meat with less marbling, but more consistency in the cuts each time. Treat these steaks with a marinade and cook at a higher temperature to avoid a toughness through the middle, and you'll have success with them every time.

Try a marinade like Tuscan Herb Olive Oil and Traditional Balsamic, or the new Spicy Green Chili Olive Oil with Jalapeno Lime White Balsamic. Then hit it with a tablespoon of one of our spice rubs like the ones from Gourmet Inspirations. Wow!

4. T-Bone or Porterhouse Steaks

With these steaks, have you noticed you often get a more marbled, tender side and a denser, chewy side? That's because these bone-in steaks offer a tenderloin cut on one side of the bone and a strip steak on the other.

For that reason, you'll want to marinade them AND watch their cooking time closely. Try the classic Garlic Olive Oil with Italian Herbs Balsamic for something savoury OR with the Fig Balsamic for something with a hint of rich sweetness. Oh my.

We could go on. And we always have more ideas if you need them! Just c'mon in and ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Then grab your meat and get ready for steak night!

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