Tapas Olives

  • $5.75

Tapas Olives with Tomatoes - Torremar Tapas Olives with tomatoes are a great balance of salty, savoury and tart. This large gordal olives are infused hand stuffed with a pop of tomato. The perfect snack when paired with meats, cheeses, and on their own. 280g

Tapas Olives with Rosemary - Garlic and Rosemary stuffed into a large pitted gordal olive. Yum! The olives are also packed in Rosemary Oil and cloves of garlic so you get a BIG flavour! 280g

Tapas Olives with Lemon - Pitted, Lemon Stuffed olives create a delightful tartness with the savoriness of the olives. These olives are perfect when paired with cocktail! Also stunning in a greek salad or on top of your charcuterie platter! 280g