Father's Day Ultimate Steak Set

Father's Day Ultimate Steak Set

  • $20.95


Set your steak up for success with this sizzlin' pack. The right notes of smokiness, sweet, rich and salty - this pack will hit you with the right flavours, lock them in tight for juiciness, and can help your steak to form just the right caramelized edges so everything melts in your mouth. The definition of summer perfection.

And not just beef - try these flavours on your portobello or cauliflower steaks. Or mix in to your burger mixture. Or try with pork ribs. Anything goes!

This set comes with:

  • 60mL Cold Smoke Olive Oil
  • 60mL Espresso Balsamic
  • Gourmet Inspirations Smoke & Spice Spice Rub
  • cellophane "jalapeno" gift bag, sage green fabric ribbon and handmade Father's Day gift tag