Plum White Balsamic

  • $5.50

The deep, red fruit of fresh Italian plum puree gives this stone fruit vinegar a multifaceted flavour with sweet and sour aromas that have a long and rich finish. A true summer sensory experience! Fresh, crisp, and wholesome!

Shelf Life: 30 months at peak flavour

Notes: Expect sediment to settle. Shake before using to homogenize pulp.

Oil Pairings:

Basil, Blood Orange, Cilantro & Red Onion, Garlic, Harissa, Roasted Walnut, Rosemary


  • poach pears or add to homemade apple sauce
  • marinade, then deglaze your pan after searing pork chops, lamb or chicken
  • drizzle over skewers of melon and prosciutto