Hawkshead Relish Fruit Cranberry Sauce

Hawkshead Relish Fruit Cranberry Sauce

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Hawkshead is a town in Cumbria, UK, where two cafe owners became known for their sauces and jams. They created Hawkshead Relish and began selling their preserves to garden centres, restaurants, and other small shops in Cumbria to support the tourist industry. Eventually they grew to supply larger grocery stores - and from there, the world! 

In 20 years, Hawkshead Relish has built a world-renown reputation for for their outstanding chutneys, relishes and preserves without ever losing their small town, English charm. CLICK HERE to learn more about Hawkshead Relish.

We hope you enjoy their Fruit Cranberry Sauce we discovered! It features their family recipe with cranberries, bramley apples, spices and a hint of lemon juice. Enjoy over turkey, of course. Also try on a cinnamon bagel smoothed over a layer of rich cream cheese, coat chicken or pork before baking and serve with rice pilaf, or feature on a holiday charcuterie board with an array of local cheeses. Wow!

Size:  220 g