Fire in the Kitchen Spice Rubs

Fire in the Kitchen Spice Rubs

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Fire in the Kitchen Spice Co. products are used for barbequing, smoking, oven roasting, broiling, stove top cooking, steaming, frying and slow cooking. The application is simple; shake desired seasoning over your food before cooking, press in with your hands or back of a spoon for better penetration covering entire surface. Allow seasoning to absorb into meat for as long as possible then cook. For extra sticking power and for your vegetable dishes use a light scattered coating of EVOO, then spread seasoning all over. Use your hands or tongs to toss then cook. Use your favourite Fire in the Kitchen spice like salt and pepper after cooking for extra flavour, the rubs are low sodium so you can be liberal. Visit for more information!

One Rub
The new salt and pepper. An all-purpose seasoning not only for chicken, beef, pork and wild game, season your pasta, soups, salads, sandwiches, vegetables and eggs. One Rub is the most versatile seasoning on the market today! 120g

Fire Rub
This fiery spice blend is as versatile as One Rub with the perfect amount of heat. Fire Rub is ideal for steak, roasts, chicken, pork, ribs and wild game. Also great in your soups, sauces, dips and eggs. 120g

Burger Batter
The evolution of the homemade burger! Use in ground beef, turkey, chicken, pork, veal and lamb. This will change the way you make homemade burgers forever. Kids love it! Great for meatloaf, meatballs and Sheppard’s Pie! 120g

Crazy K's Rib Rub
This sweet and spicy seasoning was made for ribs, however as good as it is on all your favourite rib and pork dishes it’s just as good on chicken. 120g

Momma Grace's Inspired Jerk Rub
A beautifully blended spice, making the best Jerk Chicken you’ve ever had. This dry rub marinade captures the flavours of the Caribbean and works best with chicken, pork, beef and shrimp. Makes a fantastic Jerk Burger. 120g

Just Steak
The best steak spice going! The perfect compliment to a premium cut of steak! Half the sodium of the leading blend. 120g

Island Curry
An excellent combination of mild curry, onion and garlic flavours created for shrimp, chicken and beef. Try it brushed over pizza dough with a Mild EVOO as your sauce before adding toppings…so good! 120g 

Piri Piri
Sweet, smoky, spicy paprika blended with spices and a bit of citrus zip. Sprinkle this on anything from devilled eggs to pork kebabs. Unapologetically addicting! 120g

JJ's Veggie Blaze
A seasoning for veggies, made of veggies! This deliciously mild spice blend contains herbs and pieces of dehydrated vegetables. Use as a salad topper or as a seasoning for your favourite roasted veggies (oh, ok, ok, and it can also be used on meat). 120g