Fine Cheese Co. Toast for Cheese

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Intentionally subtle, to never overwhelm the cheese - and because cheese should never be lonely - Fine Cheese Co. created a range of crackers that are more than just vehicles for transporting cheese from plate to palate.

These "toasts" are thin, light and crisp gluten-free toast (baked twice like biscotti) and uniquely studded with fruits, nuts and seeds - 60% of the cracker is composed of fruits, nuts and seeds! The flavour creations are unique and intriguing, but still the perfect complement for any cheese or charcuterie platter - or on their own! A very hearty and satisfying bite!

Serve each with the suggested cheese for maximum flavour profile, or be adventurous and try with any of your favourites.

Comes in:

Apricot Pistachio Toast for Cheese - For delicate goats’ milk cheeses such as Valençay and Ragstone.

Gluten-Free Cherry & Almond Toast for Cheese Delicious partnered with cheeses such as Fourme d'Ambert, Stilton and Gorgonzola Dolce, but equally good on their own.