Curry Olive Oil

Curry Olive Oil

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Is your spice cabinet nearly empty? Not to worry! Our Curry Infused EVOO will take the place of several of those savory spices. Pleasantly piquant, this infused EVOO will add a wonderful, warm, curry influence on an array of dishes. This flavourful oil will find its way into more recipes than you can imagine!

Vinegar Pairings:

Blackberry Ginger, Chocolate, Coconut, Habanero & Honey, Honey Ginger, Lemon, Mango, Maple, Peach, Pineapple


    • mix with Greek yogurt for a lamb or chicken marinade
    • brush over grilled squash, beets, parsnips or carrots
    • drizzle over cooked pasta or rice
    • finish creamy soups