Cranberry Pear White Balsamic

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Cranberry Pear Rosé fruit vinegar is violet in colour, highlighting the natural cranberry fruit kissed with the small addition of delicate pear puree. The fruity, sour, and tangy notes of the pear purée give this fruit vinegar a distinctive and bright flavour.

Shelf Life: 30 months at peak flavour

Notes: A Rosé Vinegar. Expect sediment to settle. Shake before using to homogenize pulp. 

Oil Pairings:

Blood Orange, Butternut Squash Seed, Garlic, House Blend, Herbes de Provence, Lemon, Lime, Roasted Walnut, Tuscan Herb


    • add to chutney or citrus sauces for pork, turkey, or fish
    • perfect for salads with Roasted Walnut or Blood Orange
    • yummy water flavouring