Arbequina Gran Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Arbequina Gran Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Crush Date: November 2016 Intensity: Medium
Date of Analysis: March 2017 Paul Vossen Rating: 98/100
Tastes Best Before: June 2018 Country of Origin: Andalusia, Spain

Grown in Southern Spain, this small lot Arbequina represents a harmonius medium intensity Super Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil our customers love. This particular lot has a wonderfully complex aroma that is both ripe and green. It has many tropical, nutty, buttery, ripe apple, and sweet, smooth flavours. Its bitterness and mild pungency give it a real zing, which is balanced by artichoke and green almond flavours.

Chemistry Analysis:

Polyphenols: 470 mg/kg
Oleic Acid: 63%
DAGs: 94.5%
Acidity (FFA): .13%
Peroxide: 5.2
PPP: <1%

Flavour Profile:

Aroma Intensity: 6/10
Bitterness: 5/10
Pungency: 7/10
Fruitiness: 7/10
Sweetness: 6/10
Flavour Intensity: 6/10

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