Burgerlicious Burger Fest

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Bring burger fest to your own backyard! The Burgerlicious gift pack is loaded up with flavours that will make your burgers bursting with flavour. No more dry burgers! If you make your own homemade beef burgers, or a combo with pork or even turkey, mix in a tablespoon or two of the smoky Bacon Olive Oil, the same amount of SMAK DAB Beer Chipotle Mustard, and a teaspoon or two of Chris's Super Savoury Burger Spice to add the right mix of deep, smoky, savoury notes with a hint of salt. Oh my.

If you cook your burgers "smash style" on a black top grill, just preheat the pan with Bacon Olive Oil (keeps meat moist and is great for grilling due to its high smokepoint). Then sprinkle with the burger spice and SMASH to achieve those caramelized edges.

Top cooked burgers with the SMAK DAB mustard as well for a winsome kick of flavour. 

If your dad loves to grill, pick up this gift for Father's Day today! 

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