Bulbs of Fire: Specialty Garlic Condiments

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Bulbs of Fire specializes in heirloom garlics. Bulbs of fire is owned and operated by Bart Nagel and his family who emigrated to Canada from Holland in 2006. Located in Tiny Township Ontario near the shores of Georgian Bay, they operate a sustainable farm without chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. From the handful varieties at the beginning, they search for hotter, tastier and more obscure varieties of this ancient veggie. They now plant over 35 varieties and have introduced smoked and blackened garlic and a line of premium garlic preserves.

Prairie Oils & Vinegars is so pleased to offer a small variety of their specialty garlic condiments for you to enjoy! Remember to come in to our shop when you can so you can "try before you buy" - you just HAVE to get your taste buds around these beautiful flavours!

Smoked Garlic & Red Pepper Jelly - a classic, rustic pepper jelly with little chunks of sweet red peppers, chilli pepper flakes and a healthy dose of their signature smoked garlic. This jelly pairs beautifully with cheese - baked brie anyone - and meats. Try a jar on your next cheese or charcuterie board and discover the complex, smokey, sweet flavour. (106ml)

Smoked Garlic Mustard - a sweet, smokey mustard with honey and lemon juice. Using a mix of dark and yellow mustard seeds. The mustard pairs beautifully with cheese, meat and even salmon! Try a jar on your next cheese board or charcuterie board and discover the feast of flavour that smoked garlic brings to the table. (212ml)