Bee Boyz Honey

  • $8.50

Made in Manitoba! Fresh pure Manitoba Unpasturized Honey. We have brought in a line of savoury, creamed, flavoured honey in three varieties to choose from. Create the perfect accompaniment for any dish! Remember to visit in-store for a free tasting! 

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Jalapeno Flavoured Creamed Honey  $8.50
Mildly spicy and not overwhelming. Makes an ideal marinade or accompaniment for BBQ meats and vegetables.

Mesquite Flavoured Creamed Honey $8.50
Smoky, and not too barbecue-y. Add depths of flavour to your roast chicken, pork tenderloin or dressings for a unique Caesar salad and sweet potatoes.

Garlic Flavoured Creamed Honey $8.50
True to garlic. Try pairing with chicken wings, ham, roasted squash, and more!