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Infused Salts

Infused Salt - Lime $8.95
The flavour of lime is an international favourite. Thai food, margarita's, desserts the uses are plentiful. Lime Salt is tart, without being too sour. It is refreshing and versatile. Use to rim a drink glass, sprinkle on chicken or fish before grilling or add to a crisp salad for a surprising hint of citrus.

Infused Salt - Lemon $8.95
Lemon & Salt go together like Chocolate & Peanut Butter. They make a perfect flavour pair. Imagine fresh lemon, not just the oil, intermingled with a premium sea salt creating the ideal flavour combination. This is an essential salt for seafood lovers, bartenders and Pastry chefs. Both kids and adults will appreciate the addition of Lemon Sea Salt to their meal.

Infused Salt - Espresso $8.95
Espresso Salt Properly brewed Espresso has three major parts; the Heart, the body, and the most distinguishing Factor, La Crema. Together these components make up the drink adored by coffee lovers from sea to sea. Espresso sea salt is a popular addition to chocolates and desserts. For an entree, try using this Salt in steak rubs and marinades.

Infused Salt - Merlot $8.95
This is the salt that started the entire Infused product line. Wanting to combine great Wine flavour with our sea salt, the question became, how do you capture the deep rich flavor within a sea salt crystal? The answer took a while but here it is. There is just one word for it...amazing.

Infused Salt - Roasted Garlic $8.95
Garlic is one of the most used flavours In Italian Cooking. What's better than the smell or the taste of roasted garlic? Just a Pinch has combined roasted garlic with sea salt to produce a flavorful product we feel is spectacular. Try sprinkling on Chicken or Pork or blanched Asparagus.....WOW

Infused Salt - Sun Dried Tomato $8.95
Take you're favorite crusty sourdough bread, pour some extra virgin Olive Oil on top with a pinch of Tomato Salt. What could be better? Or easier? The rich tomato flavor is created by a special process that actually incorporates the whole tomato. This is literally tomatoes mixed with sea salt. Great for soups and sauces, topping appetizers or mixed with herbs to create an amazing spice rub.