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Manitoba's first oil and vinegar tasting room!

Infused Sugars

Lemon Sugar - $7.95
Clean and fresh, never bitter. Great on muffins, rim a margarita glass and use whenever you want a crisp citrus splash.

Cinnamon Sugar - $7.95
Bring back warm memories of childhood with this classic flavour combination. Made with real Korjante Cinnamon, this sugar adds a spicy sweet dimension to any meal!

Cocoa Sugar - $7.95
It’s chocolate sugar. Don’t even ask! There is a natural marriage between dark mahogany cocoa and cane sugar for this creation. Just try to say no to this flavour!

Espresso Sugar - $7.95
This is Italy’s favorite drink, condensed into the perfect sprinkeable topping. Real espresso is melded with the sweetness of cane sugar to create a unique robust flavour.

Vanilla Bean Sugar - $7.95
Evokes the comforting flavour of everyone’s favorite desserts, we use only premium Tahitian Vanilla Beans to make this sugar. Try it on Crème Brule and it will turn a nice golden brown instead of burning.