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Gourmet Foods Shop Is Looking for Crowd-Funding to Build a Smell-o-Shield

April, 1, 2017, STEINBACH, MB - Local business, Prairie Oils & Vinegars, is looking to build a Smell-o-Shield to solve a problem created when Iggy’s Family Doener and Old Church Bakery opened in the same building as the gourmet foods shop.

“The problem is with the aromas generated from our new neighbours," says owner Bev Penner, "First it’s the morning's warm, yeasty bread baking from Old Church, and then – wham! – you just get slammed with the mouth-watering garlic and spices from Iggy’s grilled chicken doeners. And the staff just stops in their tracks."

Penner says the only solution is to build an immense, silicone ball-shaped apparatus. She has been researching the benefits of the new state of the art Smell-o-Shield. The shield, resembling a giant clear bubble, would cover portions of the building over Prairie Oils & Vinegars and emit an electro-magnetic air pulse in a short radius to surround the store. The pulse is affected by air pressure, so the store is also considering constructing an air lock over the entry.

“Customers often notice the smell, too, and then it’s all we can get them to talk about. It’s all calm and collected at first, and then it’s doener this, bread that. People get very excited and start to wonder if our oils and vinegars can be used on meat or for bread-dipping. We just wish they would stay on topic in our store, you know? It’s like they think we’re all foodies over here and like we enjoy talking about all sorts of cooking and baking," says Penner.

For more information and to contribute to the building of the Prairie Oils & Vinegars Smell-o-Shield, please visit prairieoilsaprilfoolsjoke dot com.

Prairie Oils & Vinegars is Manitoba’s first oil and vinegar tasting room and specializes in the freshest and finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, and specialty oils. Prairie Oils & Vinegars has been in business in Steinbach for over four years.

Iggy’s Family Doener serves up authentic German Doener Kebabs in a take-out format. The deliciously seasoned rotisserie grilled chicken is coupled with fresh vegetables and homemade doener sauces. Old Church Bakery bakes up artisan breads using sourdough cultures and long fermentation techniques to give their handmade and hearth-baked breads tremendous flavour.

Iggy’s Family Doener and Old Church Bakery will celebrate with an official joint grand opening event on Sat., Apr. 29. Welcome, Neighbours! :)