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Steinbach Update: Spring Sale Speeds Things Up

March seemed to start off like a lamb, both in weather and in business. The month's slow start allowed us to get our feet under us for our spectacular March Madness sale - you're welcome! We had fun, too! So much fun, in fact, that our March Madness sale will CONTINUE! We will be putting so many select oils and vinegars on sale - up to 50% OFF - that we can't even name them here!

And WHY are we having sales, you may ask? Prairie Oils isn't known for their bargain bin prices after all, you may say. OK! You caught us! We have something up our sleeves, ladies and gentleman. We are allowing a few rumours to start that we will be announcing some new flavours soon. So, THAT'S why the sales, OK?! We just don't have room on our boutique shelves, so something's gotta give. But that's all I'm saying. Stay tuned!

March's Spain Cooking Classes were also a hit. One frequent 'student' even said this was one of the BEST flavour profiles we'd ever put together, so thank you to Chef Mel, who AGAIN hit it out of the park with her creations. Amazing!

We also had a number of special events, including another private tasting event turned BIRTHDAY party! These ladies were such a fun group. You can tell because of our beautiful group selfie, of course. Oh, and the organizer of the event had had an unfortunate event cancelation of her own after she'd already planned her own menu for something the day before - and what does she do? She turns it to her advantage and dials the party up to 11 by bringing a number of dishes to share with us. Everything was scrumptious, if we do say so, from the Raspberry Chocolate Fudge to the Shrimp Scampi Dip, and more!

So remember to check out our recipes section, which seems to have blossomed overnight and we finally seem to have pictures for nearly ALL of our tasty creations!

Click here to peruse our recipe database!

And drop by soon for our April Hoppy Holidays sale! See you!