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Appreciating Culture, Appreciating Home

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” Martin Buber

My husband and I had a wonderful ten days away early in February as we spent some time in Baja, California, Palm Springs, Grand Canyon, and Phoenix, Arizona. One evening while standing outside our hotel room overlooking the courtyard, I had to inhale deeply over and over again as the aroma of savoury food being cooked outside drifted my way. Somewhere in the distance, I could hear the guitar and saxophone playing a haunting tune by new friends we met the night before. The moon sat still in the dark night sky as stars were just beginning to appear. I wanted to stay up all night and feast on the food, the atmosphere, and the culture.

We saw and experienced just enough on this vacation to satisfy our adventurous spirits and tasted just enough varieties of delicious food to keep us craving for more adventure. When your palate is challenged, and rewarded, you understand that food enriches our lives in the same way that visiting other places helps us appreciate cultures that are different than ours as well as a deeper appreciation for our own culture and “home”. And coming home is always good!

We hosted our first cooking class of this year last night and it was a hit! The aroma of chili and soup still lingered this morning when I unlocked the door and stepped inside. Hands down, the favourite was the French Onion Soup! Have you have ever ordered it in a fine restaurant and the waiter will ask you if you’d like it drizzled with port? Well, Chef Johnathan used our Traditional Balsamic instead resulting in such a rich and delicious flavour that even he was pleasantly surprised! You have no idea what your taste buds are missing unless you dare to try something new!

Be sure to check out our upcoming Cooking Class schedule to see which one appeals to your taste buds. We post all recipes that are being tested in our cooking classes and have hundreds of recipes on our website.

Click here to check out the Chilis and Soups recipes Chef Jonathan developed for us!

Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar in your home does not have to be complicated. I just add the flavour of oil that I want to bring out in the meat that I’m preparing. Meat is never too juicy for me, I don’t like dry meat! The balsamic vinegars are so delicious on any salad, drizzled over ice-cream, or used in flavouring your icing or whipped cream… yum! My mouth is watering, good thing it’s almost lunch time and I happen to have a fresh salad waiting for me!

Whatever your destination is, I hope you pause along the way long enough to experience new sights, sounds, flavours, and scents that will cause you to hunger for more!

Keep adventuring!