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Fabulous French Flavours for February

February was the right month to feature a French Cooking Class in Steinbach. There's a reason why French-style flavour profiles and techniques are emulated across so many cuisines. Chef Mel Buhay was as comfortable as ever with these upscale recipes and pulled off a Crepe Suzette with a caramel sauce that was to die for. The star of the show may have been the gorgeous Fish Stew, which positively glowed with gorgeous layers of tomatoes, broth, and an aioli to top it all off. And while one staff member was doubtful about a mustard sauce for steak, it was an instant hit and will be making an appearance on her meal-planning menu this very week!

These recipes are now available on our website!

With France complete, we look forward to continuing our Food World Tour in Steinbach, with upcoming the Spanish themed cooking classes in March. Click here for more info on our Cooking Classes. Or call 204-326-6457 to book yours today!

Retirement party, moms night out, you name it, our private tasting events (sometimes called Olive Oil 101) have been very steady this month! The Landmark Moms Village Facebook group joined us on Feb. 23. With 10 moms, 2 buns in ovens, and 1 freshly baked little one, it was a full house! Everyone learned a lot, ate great food, and went home with delicious and nutritious ideas for their families. The Tomato Basil Tart and Peach Cobbler was on the menu for this crowd and seemed to please. We sure had a blast with this group!

To book your own private Olive Oil 101 event for your group, please call 204-326-6457 today! Or click here for more info!