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NEW & RETURNING PRODUCTS: Classy, Useful, Gourmet Gifts

Our theme the past few years has been Gift Central. We really do have fun with this theme as we roll out gourmet Christmas gift giving options like no other. No other store comes close to the amount of pride we take in our Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, our exquisite Balsamic Condimento, and our huge selection of Manitoba-made, gourmet condiments and products.

And our gift-wrapping? We don't mean to brag, but our staff does the best job around at putting together gift baskets with precise attention to detail. We eat with our eyes, so we make these gifts look Gorgeous! Click here to view some of our products and gift packs!

Fresh is best, and for Christmas, we've brought in some fresh options we've never had in before.

NEW Large Dipping/Appetizer Plate - Beautiful white glass plate, with three separated rows to hold your favourite olives, bread cubes, and oil and vinegar. An elegant edition to your serving ware!

NEW Bread Board & Dipping Plate - This long wood plate comes with a little tray to hold your oil and vinegar for dipping. Elevate your kitchen's rustic-chic look with this lovely plate!

NEW Salted Dark Chocolate Dessert Sauce from Gourmet Inspirations - Try warmed up and drizzled over ice cream, with Traditional Balsamic and a sprinkle of Roasted Pumpkin Seeds for an easy yet decadent dessert. We already stock its partner, the Salted Caramel Whiskey Sauce, so we couldn't say "no" to this one! Come and try it!

NEW Decadence Chocolates Flavours - Dark Chocolate with French Tarragon White Balsamic, White Chocolate with Mango White Balsamic, and Milk Chocolate with Blood Orange Olive Oil. Decadence has done it again, incorporating our flavours into their ultra smooth, non-gritty, high-end chocolate to create a flavour experience you'll melt for. We have your sample here waiting for you - unless we lost our willpower, in which case, we ate all the samples.

NEW HUGE Variety of Olives! - We've expanded our selection of Jesse Tree Olives, the biggest, tastiest olives you'll ever see. From the olive lover to the new-to-gourmet foodie, we have something for every palate. Samples are available to help you discern what kind is right for you--or the person you're buying for! Jesse Tree is committed to packing their olives in lower sodium brine, which lets the true taste of the olive fruit shine through. Our new varietals include Sweet Cerignola, Kalamata, and Jalapeño Stuffed Olives. This brings us up to a whopping EIGHT different varietals of the most delicious olives you've ever tasted this side of the ocean. Right here at Prairie Oils & Vinegars. Pick some up today!

NEW Cranberry Wine SMAK DAB Gourmet Mustard - Limited supply! Carly at SMAK DAB can do no wrong. :) This year, she's brought this beauty OUT of the mini gift pack and allowed us to stock some full size jars of her delicious Cranberry Wine Mustard. Yum! Does anyone do ham for Christmas? Here is your glaze! And prepare yourself for turkey leftovers by arming yourself with a jar of this mustard. Your turkey sandwich will thank you.

NEW Self-Closing Pour Spouts - With more fun colours and a tighter fit, we've switched our pour spout supplier and are quite pleased with the new product. Come in and see why this style is better!

We haven't forgotten about some other favourites, so we'd also like to let you know what has made a triumphant return this Christmas!

RETURNING Black Currant and Pomegranate - These two sweet and tart dark balsamics are favourite festive flavour this time of year.

RETURNING Jesse Tree Olives - Told ya we brought in a truck load of olives! We are fully restocked with our Piquillo Pepper Stuffed Olives, Garlic Stuffed Olives, and Sweet Sicilian Olives from Jesse Tree. Come in FAST if these were your favourites!

RETURNING Decadence Chocolates Chocolate Truffles - That's right, our gorgeous five-piece elegant chocolate truffles are back! With unique, vividly colourful designs, including the Prairie Oils & Vinegars logo, beautifully printed right into the chocolate tops. Drop in to pick up your set today! Happily, the Snapping Turtles are also back. :) Beautiful milk chocolate turtle truffles on a half shell, with flavoured ganache in the centre, and packaged in a clear-window, snowflake ribbon topped Christmas box.

Come on in see these beautiful gifts. Don't forget our 2 60mL cello-wrapped $10 Stocking Stuffers, $4 Metro Chef Spice Rubs, and other beautiful little stocking stuffers. The No-Baste Turkey Rub will change your Christmas dinner.

Gift Central is here to put you on the right track with your gourmet gift giving this Christmas! See you soon!