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Manitoba's first oil and vinegar tasting room!

Is your Dad a Master of Marinades or King of the Grill? Or maybe he WOULD be if he got his hands on something super EASY and delicious to turn those meats and veggies into a to-die-for barbecue feast? Give him some "encouragement"--just a few more "tools" to work with--or simply say THANK YOU with a gift from Prairie Oils & Vinegars.

Father's Day is coming, so treat him to a... read more

BBQ is getting into full swing! And we're here to help.

The art of marinating has come a long way. No more swimming pools of liquid for your meat or veggies to float in. All you need is to understand the science behind oil and vinegar to see they are the perfect recipe for perfect summertime grilling. So why do Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar make the best salad dressings... read more

Happy sunny, warm, gorgeous weekend everyone!

Hi, it’s Katharina form the Winkler store and I have some new and exciting things that I’m excited to share with you this month.

Early this month we found ourselves sort of “caged” in as a local construction crew set up along the mini mall where we are located and built a “safety tunnel” leading up to our front door to ensure our... read more

Finger Foods and Fennel. Who knew? April in Steinbach can pretty much be summed up in these two statements.

On April 10 and 17, we had our first ever Finger Foods class, designed to give ideas for parties, showers, snacks, little bites, and more. We weren't entirely sure how it would go over, but it was one of our favourite classes to date.

In our preparation for the class, we... read more

For an extraordinary experience, why not treat yourselves to a Mother Daughter tasting tour at Prairie Oils?

Make a date and connect over your love of cooking! Or mutual loathing of cooking. Lol! We have EASY salad, marinade and cooking ideas for ANY experience level. And then ask us where to go for lunch or coffee. The locals always know the good places, right?

If you just need... read more

The LocalFare 2013 magazine wrote an article about Prairie Oils & Vinegars entitled “Manitoba Strikes Oil”. Click on the link to read the article on page 40 to read all about it! And then check out our recipe on page 89 which showcases a highlighted recipe from our Pasta Cooking class.
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In today’s shopping world box stores entice shoppers with shelves stocked full of colorful, nicely packaged, often ‘new and improved’, wares. But in the shadows of the box stores you can discover smaller shops offering simple yet more superior quality products.

While on an epicurean [food] tour in Portland, Oregon, Bev Penner of Steinbach came across just such a shop featuring gallons... read more

Claudia Guillaume from Modern Olives, the independent food laboratory that verifies all Prairie Oils Extra Virgin Olive Oils, has been awarded First Place in the “Analytical work for the Determination of Olive Oil Part B” by the AOCS (American Oil Chemists’ Society). The AOCS runs the world’s most extensive and respected collaborative proficiency testing program for oil and fat related... read more