Teacher's 2-Pack

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This pre-made gift pack* comes in two Flavour Options:

  • Rosemary Olive Oil + Wild Raspberry White Balsamic. Intensely herbaceous with light and sweet notes of luscious raspberry. Tart enough to be your summer vinaigrette - and versatile enough to marinade pork or chicken. Wow!**

  • Basil Olive Oil + Gala Apple Balsamic. This pairing shines drizzled over fresh tomato slices and bocconcini - in fact, any salad with cheese in it! Or try it in a pasta salad chock full of veggies that will absorb these amazing flavours!

*Pre-made gift sets cannot be customized. Limited quantities.

**Rosemary Olive Oil and Wild Raspberry White Balsamic are our Flavours of the Month for June! We invite you to receive 15% OFF on ALL sizes of the individual flavours, too!