Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Crush Date: May 2020 Intensity: Robust
Date of Analysis: July 17, 2020 Paul Vossen Rating: 93/100
Tastes Best Before: January 2022 Country of Origin: Chile

This a very high quality, robust Coratina. It has a strong bitterness and notable, persistent pungency. Its mouthfeel is harmonious, round, and full-bodied. The flavour characteristics are defined by leafy green flavors of green tea, nettle, mint, and black pepper.

Chemistry Analysis:

Polyphenols: 507 mg/kg
Oleic Acid: 76.8%
DAGs: 93.8%
Acidity (FFA): .14%
Peroxide: 4.04
PPP: <1%

Flavour Profile:

Aroma Intensity: 7.5/10
Bitterness: 5/10
Pungency: 8/10
Fruitiness: 8/10
Floral Notes: 5/10
Buttery: 2/10
Green Olive Fruit: 8/10
Flavour Intensity: 9/10

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