Estilo Affinato 25-Star Style Balsamic

Estilo Affinato 25-Star Style Balsamic

  • $12.95

*Comes pre-bottled in our 100mL bottle.

Our newest dark balsamic, Estilo “Affinato” di Modena dark balsamic vinegar condimento, has the highest density of any vinegar we carry at Prairie Oils & Vinegars. Made from the highest quality Trebbiano grape must, this product is super thick and complex, layering flavor throughout. Boasting a 1.36 density and 5% acidity, the vinegar possesses a balance of sweet and sour with perfect harmony and texture. At tastings, we have only experienced the words “wow” and “incredible”. Notes of plum, honey and cherry make this vinegar exceptionally appealing and unique.

Bottles of "25-star" balsamic sell for around $25/ounce. To bring the cost down but still deliver an outstanding level of quality, the grape must used in this remarkable product has been crafted to a fine degree of density.

With no thickeners or additives, this product is meant to compete well with a true 25-star balsamic - a new level of excellence in our balsamic lineup!

Density: 1.36 - REMARKABLE!

Acidity: 5%

Oil Pairings:

Any oils in our collection


  • exceptional drizzled over fine cheese, charcuterie boards, fruit, grilled salmon, and ice cream
  • finish gourmet soups and salads
  • really shines scantily drizzled over grilled squash or asparagus, or even sweet potato or pumpkin pie!