Olive Oil Fondue

2-3 c. EVOO or Infused Olive Oil of your choice
1-2 lbs. of steak, chicken, or shrimp; cubed or sliced thinly
vegetable pieces as desired
spice blend or sea salt, to taste
Gourmet Inspirations Creamy Peppercorn Whiskey Sauce

Add olive oil to fondue pot or sauce pan. Bring up to temperature on medium heat. See note below.

While olive oil is coming to temperature, prepare and arrange meat on platters. Sprinkle with sea salt or a spice blend. Thread meat and veg onto lightly oiled skewers (only 2-3 pieces per skewer so that it remains at the end of your skewer). Or can use fondue spears.

Cook meat in the oil until browned, about 5-7 minutes. Remove from pot and sprinkle again with sea salt or spice blend if desired. Or dip into a heated sauce, like Gourmet Inspirations Creamy Peppercorn Whiskey Sauce. 

Continue cooking and dipping as desired. Have fun!

Try steak fried in the Garlic, Rosemary or Mushroom & Sage Olive Oils, or seafood or fish in the Lemon or Dill Olive Oils. 

The ideal temperature for frying with EVOO is below 415F. EVOO has a naturally high smoke point, and is even shown to be stable (not produce carcinogens) even if smoke point is exceeded. If you don't have a thermometer, a rough way to check the temperature of your oil, is if you dip the handle of a wooden spoon in and it bubbles around the wood. If your oil is smoking, it is too hot. Remember to avoid burning your cooking oil.

Clean up hot oil safely. Be sure to turn off heat source and allow pot to cool completely before handling. Dispense of oil in a disposable container in a garbage can, NOT down a drain.

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