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Ok, not EVERYWHERE. But September was pretty busy, that's for sure! We were at the Green Oak Gardens Country Market in Beausejour (our second year at this really NEAT, family-friendly event!), and the Pembina Valley Honey, Garlic, and Maple Syrup Festival in Manitou. How could we possibly have passed up an opportunity to go to a fair with a name like that... read more

Small ones, big ones, red ones, orange ones, white ones, knobby and smooth ones. But what do you DO with PUMPKINS?

Easiest answer this author has come up with: bake it whole. Absolutely, hands down, the easiest way to cook a pumpkin. First, find a pumpkin that is meant to be cooked, like a sugar pumpkin or even a winter squash.

Next, pick one of manageable size. You aren't going... read more

The fall harvest is well under way. And even if you didn't garden this year, there is Manitoba-fresh produce available in so many places.

Or maybe you are saddled with a high-producing apple tree in your yard. It was a high-producing year for my apple tree, that's for sure, even though my tomatoes didn't produce as much as the last two years. My apple tree was so heavy with apples, the... read more

The highlight of our August was definitely our fun "Lunch 'n Learn" at Maple Leaf Foods in Landmark! The Maple Leaf Foods office staff presents a Lunch and Learn event for their administrators where they invite a local professional to highlight an educational topic during the lunch hour. Prairie Oils was pleased to be invited to one of these events! We were invited to provide a presentation on... read more

“We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage. We will welcome summer’s ghost.” —Henry Rollins

Hello fellow lovers of great food experiences! The long, hot, humid, and mosquito infested days of July and August seem to have passed in a whirlwind tempered with more than the usual reprieve of rain. I find myself looking at the calendar to... read more

Hey, Winkler! We are celebrating Harvest Festival with SALE prices and a FREE DRAW! We are so pleased to be part of the Winkler Harvest Festival celebrations this year. Check it out!

Come on down for your chance to win a Smokey Joe portable charcoal grill and a Prairie Oils prize pack! Free draw ballots at the Winkler store. No purchase necessary. See in-store for... read more

I hope you are all enjoying your summer holidays either at the lake, the pool, a cabin, away on a holiday, or maybe you take the summer to catch up on some good reading in the shade or just party it up in your backyard. Regardless of how you spend your summer, isn’t it great to step back from your regular routine and spend time relaxing and having fun with your loved ones?

I have been... read more

The art of canning and preserving is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity as millennials and others are embracing the eat-local trend. Summer gardens are starting to produce like crazy and what a great way to enjoy your efforts all winter long.

Many of us grew up with this summer and fall activity. Well, now is the season for picking up the hobby again! Pick up your... read more

It's summer, school's out, but we're doing math at Prairie Oils & Vinegars! Fire in the Kitchen Spice Co. from Hockley Valley, ON, is the new spice rub company that has captured our loyalty. These fragrant and flavourful products are used for barbequing, smoking, oven roasting, broiling, stove top cooking, steaming, frying and slow cooking. The application is simple and is pretty much... read more

Thank goodness for air conditioning keeping us cool and our oils fresh. What a gorgeous July, but the heat must be getting to us here in Steinbach! Check out this song written by staff member, Sara. Only heat-induced insanity could produce such silliness!

to be sung to the tune of ABBA's "Fernando"

Come and taste the EVOO
It has taste and health properties... read more