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Manitoba's first oil and vinegar tasting room!

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” ― Edith Sitwell

I came across this quote that resonates deeply with my heart as this year comes to an end and I reflect on the month of December and look ahead to 2017. Welcome to winter wonderland in Manitoba! Have you taken... read more

With an upper class product such as this, we think introductions may be in order.

Introducing, Denissimo Balsamico, a connoisseur’s balsamic! The extended aging technique in the production of this limited reserve, decadent vinegar, make it a rare and treasured pantry delight.

Veronica Foods has produced a small amount of this ultra rich finishing and drizzling condiment, so it... read more

Our theme the past few years has been Gift Central. We really do have fun with this theme as we roll out gourmet Christmas gift giving options like no other. No other store comes close to the amount of pride we take in our Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, our exquisite Balsamic Condimento, and our huge selection of Manitoba-made, gourmet condiments and products.

And our gift-... read more

On Wed., Nov. 23, Prairie Oils & Vinegars in Steinbach hosted a Popcorn & Panties Party, in collaboration with Tailored for Success.

We were aware how STRANGE this kind of a party might sound, and we hoped to present it tastefully and yet have FUN! Tailored for Success is a community-run initiative that provides new or gently used career clothing and accessories to men and women... read more

This morning when I looked outside… I saw our first thick blanket of fluffy, white, heavy snow! I can hardly believe that we have less than a month till Christmas with these amazingly mild temperatures. I don’t like the cold but always say that if it’s going to be cold, we may as well have a thick blanket of snow to cover the ground which is so beautiful and somehow ‘feels’ less cold.

... read more

Well... you just never know who will walk through our front door!

This month, four ladies walked in and I found out they were sisters spending time together to celebrate a birthday! Sisters are a special gift, I know because I have 5 sisters and gained another 4 so when the bunch of us get together, it's always a party! I gave them a tasting tour and just before they left, one of them... read more

Fresh or dried, seasoning meat or veggies, rosemary has caught our attention this month--and not just for its comforting flavours and aromas, but for its health benefits as well!

Let me start with a confession: I have yet to successfully winter this fragrant, spiny specimen from my summer herb garden. It grows well on my deck, in its own pot or even with my thyme and chives. But when I... read more

October came and went with a blur! Thanksgiving came and went and we surprised ourselves by NOT selling out of the No Baste Turkey Rub this year - well, we did bring in double the amount of packages we brought in last year to keep with demand, so we'll just call that good planning on our part. You can still come in and pick up this tasty rub--snag yours before the Christmas rush so you've got... read more

Here is the last turkey recipe you'll ever need. No more cringe-worthy, dry, tasteless meat. No more griping and groaning about who "gets" to do the turkey this year. No muss, no fuss, no brining, no basting. Ready? Here we go:

Start with a fresh turkey, never frozen. OK, OK, get this, if all you have is frozen, you're STILL gonna have an awesome turkey. No lie.

If you're... read more

“Contentment is wanting what you have, instead of having what you want.”

Hello October!

I love this month because it means Autumn, which is my favourite season, and Thanksgiving, which is my favourite holiday!

I love the cool air, the scent of harvest, and the ever changing splash of color in all plants that were varying shades of green throughout the summer.... read more